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Best Hikes with Dogs Utah2013 is going to the dogs. This spring we’ve added two great new titles to our top-selling series, Best Hikes with Dogs.

In the southwest, author Dayna Stern has helped Utah dog owners demystify the rules and regulations surrounding Utah’s varying outdoor agencies and given you 76 of the best hikes for dogs. Hikes differ by length, let you know if you’ll have solitude or a drinking/swimming hole, and feature tips on desert hiking with dogs.

Best Hikes with Dogs SFOn the pacific side, author Jason Fator updated an already stellar selling title, Best Hikes with Dogs San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond. Jason and his Great Dane Paul bring you trails from the sun-kissed hills of Marin to the grassy knolls of the East Bay or wide open spaces of the South Bay. Best Hikes with Dogs: San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond, 2nd Edition, is your guide to the very best trails, most of which do not require leashes (except in parks as noted).